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Getting to Cork

Getting to Cork

Cork International Airport is the country's second busiest airport after Dublin and serves more than 50 destinations. The airport is located just 10 minutes from Cork City centre on the heighest point of the southside. 

Cork Airport

The hugely popular Brittany Ferries vessel the Pont Avon runs between Cork and Roscoff in north-western France.

Pont Aven

Cork city's railway hub and access point to the national rail network is Kent Station on the Lower Glanmire Road, a ten minute walk east of the city centre. 

Cork Trains

In recent years prices for seats on private and public buses running the Cork-Dublin and Cork-Limerick-Galway route have become very competitive - good news for visitors to Cork! A three hour journey to Dublin or Galway can cost as little as 15 euro if booked in advance or slightly more if you just turn up. Buses run from 6am until midnight in both directions.


Ireland's intercity road system is now of the highest international standard and the two lane M8 motorway between Cork and Dublin is now entirely 120km/ph resulting in journey times of only 2.5 hours. There is plenty of on-street parking in the city (2 euro per hour between 8.30am and 6.30pm Mon-Sat) and a plethora of multi-storey car parks.

Cork is a very safe city so it is perfectly acceptable to leave your car parked on any street overnight and on-street parking can be paid for by buying paper discs (available in hundreds of shops around the city) or using your mobile phone and signing up with Park Magic to pay by credit card.