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Serving Cork City since 1788

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Situated in the heart of Cork City, the English Market is a roofed food market and has been trading continuously since 1788.

Developed and still owned by Cork City Council, the Market is one of the oldest municipal markets of it’s kind in the world. It continues to be a major tourist attraction due to both it's historical significance and its traders' emphasis on traditional Irish ingredients and food of the highest quality.

The recent visit of Queen Elizabeth II has further inhanced the market's popularity. 

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The Traders

The current mix of traders in the English Market represents a diversity as broad as at any time over the centuries of it’s existence.

Small stalls sit alongside larger businesses. Fledgling traders beside long-established family businesses passed down from one generation to the next.  

Meats and fish, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, sauces and oils, chocolates and cakes, cheeses and pastas – the Market caters for all culinary tastes and all eating occasions!!


You’ll also find crockery, t-shirts, novelty items, clothes alterations and art – an eclectic mix itself creating a diversity of customers, adding further to the unique atmosphere of the English Market.

Having experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the Market, customers can unwind and sample it’s tastes and enjoy the banter from the various café’s, deli’s and food plates from the atypical stalls.   

Queen Elizabeth II Visit

The 20th of May 2011 marked a historical day for the city of Cork, as it played host to Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was driven to some of Cork City's famous buildings, and given a tour around both the Tyndall Institute owned by University College Cork and the famous English Market where she was greeted by some of the owners of the stalls inside.

Large numbers of people crowded the streets to get a look at the Queen, in return for which she spent some time speaking to the public after her visit to the market.

Queen Elizabeth II's visit to the English Market

Queen Elizabeth II's visit to the English Market
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Food and Recipes from the English Market

Food and Recipes from the English Market
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