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Ireland is governed by 166 democratically elected representatives who form the Oireachtas, or Houses of Government. The bi-cameral Oireachtas consists of a lower house - the Dáil (pictured below), and an upper house - the Seanad. Elected representatives serve for a period of 5 years before re-elections occur. Irish political parties are difficult to define as either left or right - a more apt definition would be based around being liberal or conservative.

Cork is divided in to 5 political wards that each put forward nominees for election to the various parties. Ireland is currently ruled by a coalition of Fine Gael (broadly conservative) and Labour (traditionally liberal leaning).


The most famous politicians to come from Cork are Michael Collins (1890 – 1922) who was the revolutionary leader during the War of Independence and subsequent Civil War from 1919 - 1922 and Jack Lynch (1917 – 1999) who was Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland 1966 – 1979.